Machine Learning – Week 5

I’ve fallen behind schedule. With guests and family visiting us and after a long weekend road trip to Los Angeles and Las Vegas, my progress has suffered. I need to begin stretching myself to catch up now.

The flurry of the holiday weekend travels having settled now, I’m back in the business of sitting down and focusing hard. And week 5 of Machine Learning was by no means easy.

For week 5, we learned about the Neural Networks Back-Propogation algorithm. This dense learning method was a tough nut to crack. Professor Andrew Ng did a great job at showing us what needs to be done, but explaining the ‘why’ on what was being done was unfortunately beyond the scope of his lecture. So, although I was able to implement the algorithm in Matlab for the programming assignment with some difficulty, I would need to revisit this algorithm and dig up some more detailed literature outside the course to further strengthen my insights.

Here’s to the next week!