Welcome to Deferred Happiness!

A huge amount of literature has been written about how hard it is to stick to a consistent writing schedule and how to develop the habit. Writing about things you know and sharing stories, be they fictional or personal, can add value to the lives of interested readers. Writing could turn out to be beneficial to the writer himself in unforeseen ways. However, the fact remains that the act of creating the physical and mental space for writing demands discipline and drive.

I’ve had many false starts at writing in the past and have gone through cycles of inspiration, followed soon by despair. This website is the result of one such period of sustained inspiration and I’m hoping I’ll keep it going for a while. Over time, I’ve learned that having a public platform to share ideas and stories creates a self-reinforcing feedback loop – when you have an interesting piece you’d like to share, there’s the urge to put it out there. When you find yourself having nothing to say, there’s the motivation to go do something worth writing about. This keeps our lives from slipping into the rut of stagnation.

What is Deferred Happiness?

One of my mindfulness practices is to avoid instant gratification – the kind of addiction that social media platforms of today permeate into our minds. Our waking hours are filled with the constant urge to keep checking on our inboxes and our social media feeds. A mind that constantly submits to these distractions is a mind that is incapable of partaking in activities that are cognitively more demanding but are eventually more rewarding. They could be reading books, writing essays, working to understand or develop hard ideas or learning practical hands-on skills. These activities demand that you forego your distractions and enforce sustained focus over long periods of time. My blog, Deferred Happiness, is a platform where I plan on writing about my little undertakings that fall in the category of things such as these. Stick around and share your stories and struggles on fighting mediocrity!

Deferred Gratification would have been a better domain name but that is just way too wordy 🙂